Dear visitor, after thanking you for your interest, I’ll explain that this Ewenart.Studio is part of an ongoing and evolving idea that cannot be clearly explained just now… However, as this project is still evolving, it’ll remain indistinguishable for some time yet! ~ otherwise ~

This theme begins with a focus on my evolving Router Base Unit (RBU) ~ The timber’s sourced from our stock of accumulated and recycled products, such as this door which was reduced to its component parts… To be used otherwise, of course!

Repurposing Household Fitments etc.

Recycling/repurposing’s a delightful feeling while refurbishing or repurposing one’s own home and

garden areas. Ewenart.Studio uses a Workshop/Craftshop, that’s a few metres to the rear of our home;

where numbers of my family’s interests and requirements have been fond projects have been concluded in that building. This ‘Shop’, as we call it, is echoing many jobs from my earlier DIY years – many of which have slipped from my memory!? I’ve always loved ‘DIY’ and I have been fortunate to have worked with reputable Furnishing and Restoration businesses; so bearing this in mind, I’m comfortable with the further practice of what I used to be paid for by the mentioned business, and with the freedom to be innovative as well!

Briefly on the red ~

Perhaps my previous experiences may influence my present ones – such is life? The lights above need little explanation, especially if someone is familiar with coaching learner drivers! This applies to many qualified drivers, of course… However, certain drivers also qualify as a Driving Standards Agency Approved Driving Instructor (DSA ADI), or ‘ADI’ as we called each other.

(Please understand that ‘Ewenart.Studio’ is bound to have ‘beginner errors… Yet, hopefully, this ought to be a worthwhile venture? …

Artworks +


Fantasies, sketches and/or realities...


Having predilections, and who doesn’t? 
Earlier years, with ‘ewenart’ username,
Art-related websites often  would visit; 
I love painting… Viewing’s the same! 

My family’s knowing, sharing feelings,
Our granddaughter says: “I’m an artist”,
We hear said, as darling Keira sings:       
Mispronounced, on a ‘Poetcher’ list!  
Happy being ‘GP’ and ‘Poetcher’ credo,
Emerged from grandchildren like Dylan,
First grandson, and a lovely sister too;
Childhood’s brief and too short a span! 

Dylan’s Primary schooling, like yesterday,
Wee one himself, and now  a grown man;
“I’m in High school”, our Keira might say;
Loving affection? Yes,  as I’m your man!  

© Ewen A. Morrison



Boris is his first name and he’s England’s PM;
Many Scots don’t like him and people like HIM!
Feeling distaste for or hostility towards THEM
And the Unreal Kingdom: fully unravelled then!!

© Ewen A. Morrison



Born an amateur to live’s living,
Give what is to give, for-giving;
Evolving’s worth, enjoy being,
Surely for all, sans excluding!

© Ewen A. Morrison


Shamefully Needless Politics (SNP),
Secrecy’s suitable for criminality;
Members know next to nothing, see?
And EX members too that’s, like me!

© Ewen A. Morrison 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿


Writing, editing and gradually, as time passes ~

My painting of our ‘Morrison Clan Crest’.

The earliest reactions and thoughts of my post-accident behaviour are difficult to consider, let alone write about… Perhaps this writing process may be part of whatever’s described as “recovering” – time will tell? I’m both writing and smiling here; naturally, I’m allowing the mists of uncertainty to get clearer, which happens, from time to time. The earliest memory of noting and recording the events following the road traffic accident of the 4th of February 2010 – suggested by other people and most importantly, by my wife, Rosemary. She had handled that serious accident incredibly well! Personally, I’m inclined to be a fairly practical man in most situations; however, a Road Traffic Accident (RTA) isn’t a normal situation!

Generally speaking, bar the inevitable ‘bumps and bruising’ I lived on – which my car didn’t… Except for recycled metal and so forth; this recycling process is a wonderful and almost an incredible technical aspect; even more so when realising that the human body and mind share these abilities! The afterwards phase of this story is as uncertain as the beforehand stages are…

My online username’s ‘ewenart’ which looks odd to my old fashioned spelling rules, (confesses the least attentive of pupils! ; ) Anyway, in these days of automatic spellchecking/correction software, who can complain about such assistance? Perhaps the actually remembering/writing this article, is another element of what feels like gradual, but progressive recovery process?

Life’s flowing’s whatever it might be… unlike the flowing of wee burns ~

For the benefit of my less informed readers, “Burn” is commonly used in Scotland, rather than English words such as brook etc. I presently live in Dunbeg village, by Oban, Argyll, Scotland, and I’m fairly comfortable with the cultures of both our Highlands and islands… In fact, I was born in Stornoway, in 1957; naturally, other than these few words, my youthful memories included my recognition/understanding that ‘our house’ was in the Forestry village called Ratagan, on the shores of Loch Duich… To write more than that just now would be enjoyable for a typist – which I am not, or could never be that skilful on a keyboard like this!

I’m limited in what I may post in this gradually developing article, yet, while becoming more familiar with using this Dell laptop, I’m recognising its advantages and possibilities! For example, if I wished to contact a relative who lives in Australia, it’s relatively easy to do so… He and I occasionally post similar items online and he is absolutely and fully entitled to support Scotland regaining its independence; something that a growing number of our electorate are beginning to wish!

The reality of Ewenart.Studio… here and now ~

Our Craftshop/workshop has evolved into Ewenart.Studio…

Occasionally, I’ll post updates regarding whatever may be the Work In-Hand (WIH.), such as my manufacturing of this Router Base Unit (RBU) – an old idea that’s long overdue – yet hopefully, that unit will be ready, soon enough… And below, a picture of that unit’s present state

This photo doesn’t really tell you very much, however, the time spent in our ‘Shop is more satisfying than can be explained in words alone… While I’m a happy and comfortable retired man these days, the word ‘Therapeutic’ still comes to mind… this site’s title is almost self-explanatory (‘event’ began as my user name, a long time ago! ; )

Naturally, there are more arts than just drawing and painting, etc. ~ anyway, arts and crafts do combine in my happiest of times! That happiness really enhances the process while I feel that both my spelling and grammar are gradually improving!

Between Two Minds


Bilingualism describes the earlier years of my family life – indeed, ‘bilingualism’ meant nothing at all to us as children… we simply spoke as our parents talked! Nowadays, I’m both parent and grandparent, while being aware that my youth’s world was entirely different from our grandchildren’s present world! My opening begins with the word ‘Bilingualism‘ – however, for me, the phrase “being between two minds” has much, much more than the metaphorical meaning… writing thoughts rather than ‘minds feels reasonable too! Perhaps, a monoglot person cannot easily relate to someone using or speaking more than one language?

Most of my reading and writing was via this adopted language – Beurla/English (language) – which I learned to read and write in – (an element of being “Mainlandified“ as some might put it? 😉) Ironically, while my Primary Schooling was conducted in a semi-foreign language, it eventually became my main language… coincidentally, my first opportunity for official Gaelic tuition was in Oban High school – that was absolutely ineffectual and quite bemusing! That tuition system was really faulty! Anyway, felt that I was at fault… instead of the teaching’s inadequacies; but that’s another long story!

My last job before my retirement involved me in being one form of a teacher: I was a professional Driving Instructor, a Driving Standards Agency Approved Driving Instructor (DSA ADI), or ‘ADI’, as we called ourselves… it even sounds neater. I didn’t leave that profession – IT actually left me, via a traffic accident that annihilated the car and the business – but thankfully, no one was harmed, bar my bruising and scratches, etcetera! My employment and lifestyle were absolutely changed in an instance… yet I’m happy to say that life’s very good, if not better than ever?!

Ewen A. Morrison


Ewenart’s Photos ~

Below is an example of of File details for this photograph:

IMG-5556 (4); 11 April 2021; Size 1.3 MG; Shot 1/60 SEC.; f/10 ISO 800 (W.I.P.)

As a non-professional photographer – an enthusiastic one – I don’t usually need many of the details shown above; modern digital cameras are mostly computerised cameras, thank goodness for smartphones and cameras!

When a hobby’s for relaxation, why ponder potentially stress-inducing rules and regulations? With relaxation in mind, I hope that you’ll enjoy these photos as I enjoy sharing them?!

My main camera is a Canon EOS 1000D, and along with its two main lenses, they are regular luggage while travelling; but not so much in recent times… in fact, I’ve been an enthusiastic photographer since my early teens, and coincidentally, I’ve got photographs which were taken when I was about six or seven years of age; and although most of these older photos were kept in our family’s photograph album, a number had been taken by neighbourhood friends and a few of them by one of my father’s workmates, especially by Mr Jock O’Kane… whose daughter, Cathie, who’s now one of my ‘Online’ contacts

This fact actually feels as if it’s science-fiction, becoming science-fact which is too great to be expressed or described in a few words; anyway, I’m hoping to create an online form of an illustrated essay-like journal within this hesitantly evolving ‘ ewenart.studio’- as Ewenart’site ~ the occasional photograph along with few camera specifications/details etc. Because my photography’s seldom a planned process, seems to be more off-beat than it might be; after all, the enjoyment and/or pleasure of a photograph doesn’t always need knowledge of shutter speed, f/

For Draftings, Mainly


19/12/2021 = 1. “The National Yes Network is not non-partisan”… sometimes that ‘non-partisan’ is more fantasy than FACT!

2. 18/12/2021

‘The Establishment’

The Anglo British Authoritarian Regime,
Regardless of moronic style behaviour…
Their electorate keep getting them in?
Scotland’s independence to be a saviour!

© Ewen A. Morrison 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿


3. 18/12/2021


The enemy at the gate is an old phrase,
WE don’t fret – ours are in parliament;
First Myopathy is a coincidental craze
Matching F M initials, a poet’s lament?

© Ewen A. Morrison 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿


Replying comments… +

  1. The British Establishment and media. Thousands are repelled by SNP trough dwellers sniping at independence supporters, like the member for Perth and North Perthshire…

However, while such comments’ meanings ‘come from the authors’ ‘pen’, the reaction(s) come from a reader’s mind;