Blog ~ and Perspectives/potentially and so forth… (from 25.11.2021).


Scary Bridge‘ ~

A number of years ago, on a family visit to Eilean Donan castle and it’s surroundings, we were heading towards this bridge. Ewen John, honourably took my hand, (aiming to comfort me, assuming that I’d be scared to cross the bridge) – most considerate, however, I’m comfortable with heights… whereas, his Granny is very, very uncomfortable , indeed! She simply accepted the situation and crossed as calmly she could. (another milestone event).

Life’s Lottery’s threaded with incidents like this! When meeting phobias which we don’t have, it’s not easy to truly understand – we may empathise, of course… but hardly understand? For instance, one of my closest friends also dislikes heights – which I should have guessed – especially as I’ve known him since my childhood years. Anyway, in the past, we’d never been in situations where this phobia might have shown! # 

I should have guessed when he asked if I minded heights?

On that occasion, I’d had an arrangement of ladders leading to our roof’s ridge and the chimney stack. That set-up had remained in place for quite a period of time, and Neil had become accustomed to seeing them there. On one of his ‘pop-in’ visits, he’d asked if I was “OK being so high?” As usual, I gave a ‘Dry’ response (deadpan), implying that I was: “comfortable with the height, it was the drop that mattered!” ~ Morrisons, also enjoy a ‘Dry’ philosophy ~ “adhachdas” (comicalness, humour etc). 

This particular article simply evolves from reviewing my collection of photographs, like this next one, a photograph which was taken by my brother, Norman, known as Norrie, these days…the Xmas tree gives some hint as to when I received this particular camera (and occasion? 😉


Our PCs are incredibly invaluable – though a man born in 1957, I’m certainly happy with much of what we have available, nowadays! While writing this on 29/11/16, I’m eagerly keen to engage in a number of intended events (providing there ar no reasons to change our plans) we’re hoping to visit a number of our Ratagan friends, on the 9th of November for another brief visit…which has become a welcome thread to our life’s journey! 

I’ve E-mailed my friend Cathie O’Kane  and on 30/11/16, I telephoned our ex-neighbour, Mrs Mary Sinclair, and delightfully discussed our impending visit to stay in Dornie, from Friday, 9th December until we leave the following Monday…all that requires  ~

Perspectives/potencially and so forth…

This area is bound to be useful ~

Much/most of what may be written here are greatly reliant on the priceless Grammarly, thank goodness!

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