Alba Means Independence in the UK?


Less than a fortnight ago, this site warned that our SNP chieftains would be more than chuffed if they somehow managed to achieve ‘Independence Within the UK’.Bring it on, Jaggy argued. By selling their nationalist souls through signing a New Union Treaty, the Sturgeonistas would create a brilliant opening for Alba. Never did I imagine that one of the new breakaway party’s two MPs would be the first to publicly embrace this oxymoronic objective. Shameful betrayal of the cause is how I read it.

Basically, half of the Alba grouplet at Westminster has suddenly come out of the constitutional closet and declared it would happily settle for Home Rule for the foreseeable future. Like a latterday Gladstonian Liberal, Kenny MacAskill used his weekly column in theScotsmanthis morning to assert that all Scots should unite under this threadbare banner:

Building a coalition to expand the powers of the Scottish…

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