This theme focuses on my evolving Router Base Unit (RBU) ~ The timber’s sourced from our stock of accumulated and recycled products, such as this door which was reduced to its component parts… To be used otherwise, of course!

Repurposing Household Fitments etc.

Recycling/repurposing’s a delightful feeling while refurbishing or repurposing one’s own home and garden areas. Ewenart.Studio uses a Workshop/Craftshop, that’s a few metres to the rear of our home; where a countless number of my family’s interests and requirements have been fond projects in that building. This ‘Shop’, as we call it, is echoing many jobs from my earlier DIY years – many of which have slipped from my memory!? I’ve always loved ‘DIY’ and I have been fortunate to have worked with reputable Furnishing and Restoration businesses; so bearing this in mind, I’m comfortable with further private practice of what I used to be paid for, along with the freedom to be innovative as well!

(Dear visitor, please understand that this ‘Ewenart.Studio’ is very much bound to have some ‘beginner errors… In the course of time, ‘ewenart.studio’ will gradually look and feel like a worthwhile visit – so I’m thanking you in anticipation. ; )

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