Dear visitor, after thanking you for your interest, I’ll explain that this Ewenart.Studio is part of an ongoing and evolving idea that cannot be clearly explained just now… However, as this project is still evolving, it’ll remain indistinguishable for some time yet! ~ otherwise ~

This theme begins with a focus on my evolving Router Base Unit (RBU) ~ The timber’s sourced from our stock of accumulated and recycled products, such as this door which was reduced to its component parts… To be used otherwise, of course!

Repurposing Household Fitments etc.

Recycling/repurposing’s a delightful feeling while refurbishing or repurposing one’s own home and

garden areas. Ewenart.Studio uses a Workshop/Craftshop, that’s a few metres to the rear of our home;

where numbers of my family’s interests and requirements have been fond projects have been concluded in that building. This ‘Shop’, as we call it, is echoing many jobs from my earlier DIY years – many of which have slipped from my memory!? I’ve always loved ‘DIY’ and I have been fortunate to have worked with reputable Furnishing and Restoration businesses; so bearing this in mind, I’m comfortable with the further practice of what I used to be paid for by the mentioned business, and with the freedom to be innovative as well!

Briefly on the red ~

Perhaps my previous experiences may influence my present ones – such is life? The lights above need little explanation, especially if someone is familiar with coaching learner drivers! This applies to many qualified drivers, of course… However, certain drivers also qualify as a Driving Standards Agency Approved Driving Instructor (DSA ADI), or ‘ADI’ as we called each other.

(Please understand that ‘Ewenart.Studio’ is bound to have ‘beginner errors… Yet, hopefully, this ought to be a worthwhile venture? …

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