The reality of Ewenart.Studio… here and now ~

Our Craftshop/workshop has evolved into Ewenart.Studio…

Occasionally, I’ll post updates regarding whatever may be the Work In-Hand (WIH.), such as my manufacturing of this Router Base Unit (RBU) – an old idea that’s long overdue – yet hopefully, that unit will be ready, soon enough… And below, a picture of that unit’s present state

This photo doesn’t really tell you very much, however, the time spent in our ‘Shop is more satisfying than can be explained in words alone… While I’m a happy and comfortable retired man these days, the word ‘Therapeutic’ still comes to mind… this site’s title is almost self-explanatory (‘event’ began as my user name, a long time ago! ; )

Naturally, there are more arts than just drawing and painting, etc. ~ anyway, arts and crafts do combine in my happiest of times! That happiness really enhances the process while I feel that both my spelling and grammar are gradually improving!

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