Writing, editing and gradually, as time passes ~

My painting of our ‘Morrison Clan Crest’.

The earliest reactions and thoughts of my post-accident behaviour are difficult to consider, let alone write about… Perhaps this writing process may be part of whatever’s described as “recovering” – time will tell? I’m both writing and smiling here; naturally, I’m allowing the mists of uncertainty to get clearer, which happens, from time to time. The earliest memory of noting and recording the events following the road traffic accident of the 4th of February 2010 – suggested by other people and most importantly, by my wife, Rosemary. She had handled that serious accident incredibly well! Personally, I’m inclined to be a fairly practical man in most situations; however, a Road Traffic Accident (RTA) isn’t a normal situation!

Generally speaking, bar the inevitable ‘bumps and bruising’ I lived on – which my car didn’t… Except for recycled metal and so forth; this recycling process is a wonderful and almost an incredible technical aspect; even more so when realising that the human body and mind share these abilities! The afterwards phase of this story is as uncertain as the beforehand stages are…

My online username’s ‘ewenart’ which looks odd to my old fashioned spelling rules, (confesses the least attentive of pupils! ; ) Anyway, in these days of automatic spellchecking/correction software, who can complain about such assistance? Perhaps the actually remembering/writing this article, is another element of what feels like gradual, but progressive recovery process?

Life’s flowing’s whatever it might be… unlike the flowing of wee burns ~

For the benefit of my less informed readers, “Burn” is commonly used in Scotland, rather than English words such as brook etc. I presently live in Dunbeg village, by Oban, Argyll, Scotland, and I’m fairly comfortable with the cultures of both our Highlands and islands… In fact, I was born in Stornoway, in 1957; naturally, other than these few words, my youthful memories included my recognition/understanding that ‘our house’ was in the Forestry village called Ratagan, on the shores of Loch Duich… To write more than that just now would be enjoyable for a typist – which I am not, or could never be that skilful on a keyboard like this!

I’m limited in what I may post in this gradually developing article, yet, while becoming more familiar with using this Dell laptop, I’m recognising its advantages and possibilities! For example, if I wished to contact a relative who lives in Australia, it’s relatively easy to do so… He and I occasionally post similar items online and he is absolutely and fully entitled to support Scotland regaining its independence; something that a growing number of our electorate are beginning to wish!

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