Artworks +


Fantasies, sketches and/or realities...


Having predilections, and who doesn’t? 
Earlier years, with ‘ewenart’ username,
Art-related websites often  would visit; 
I love painting… Viewing’s the same! 

My family’s knowing, sharing feelings,
Our granddaughter says: “I’m an artist”,
We hear said, as darling Keira sings:       
Mispronounced, on a ‘Poetcher’ list!  
Happy being ‘GP’ and ‘Poetcher’ credo,
Emerged from grandchildren like Dylan,
First grandson, and a lovely sister too;
Childhood’s brief and too short a span! 

Dylan’s Primary schooling, like yesterday,
Wee one himself, and now  a grown man;
“I’m in High school”, our Keira might say;
Loving affection? Yes,  as I’m your man!  

© Ewen A. Morrison



Boris is his first name and he’s England’s PM;
Many Scots don’t like him and people like HIM!
Feeling distaste for or hostility towards THEM
And the Unreal Kingdom: fully unravelled then!!

© Ewen A. Morrison



Born an amateur to live’s living,
Give what is to give, for-giving;
Evolving’s worth, enjoy being,
Surely for all, sans excluding!

© Ewen A. Morrison

Shamefully Needless Politics (SNP),
Secrecy’s suitable for criminality;
Members know next to nothing, see?
And EX members too that’s, like me!

© Ewen A. Morrison 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

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